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I am an artist with over 10+ years as a UX Researcher, UI Designer, Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Writer & 'Edutainer'.

My love for problem-solving & my diverse background influence my work to be passionately curious and always thinking out of the box. I have also been making jerky for over 30+ years.

I am passionately curious about life. I am a polymath, multipotentialite and an autodidact. I’m an artist, an innovator, and tech head with a diverse educational background and plenty of stories to tell. I have always believed that problem solving, technology & good design can create a better world, (as cheesy as that may sound) and I strive for my work to mean something.

I’m a vocal advocate of mental health and I am always looking to connect with others who have a passion to create better experiences for a world that needs to be seen and heard. I stumbled into UX years ago, and have been a “UX evangelist” of sorts and worked in different capacities ever since.

I have a knack for spotting patterns and enjoy rapid prototyping to help lessen the time between idea and execution. At the end of the day, I’m just trying to do awesome things with cool people and make a difference as much as I can.

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One of my greatest strengths is my ability to creatively problem solve, and bridge the gap between groups, technologies, ideologies, and industries in a new way. I am also able to take existing ideas and improve upon them through active listening.

I have always been interested in technology as a vehicle to elevate other interests and my curiosity has taken me to places that help utilize my knowledge from creating my own agency to helping startups and budding entrepreneurs to consulting with Fortune 50 companies. Contact me or download my resume below:



I have been designing for Salesforce for 10+ years, and work with you and teams to create amazing experiences. (Deliverables: Audit, UX, Roadmap, Customization)

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Understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. (Deliverables: Audit, Roadmap, Recommendations)

design workshops and teaching


From problem solving to recommending and implementing new design and marketing strategies, I can help make sense from the confusion. (Deliverables: Workshops, Trainings, Consulting)



I have spoken at over 10+ events evangelizing UX as well as incorporating other topics that I feel are important to bridge the gap. (Deliverables: Workshops, Keynotes, Consulting)

ux consulting


From user research, company research, wireframes, prototyping, service design, and other UX activities, I bring much insight to the conversation! (Deliverables: Varies)

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With emerging tech such as AI, ML, VR, XR, and many other cool acronyms, it's important to incorporate inclusivity and empathy to understand your users. (Deliverables: Process Flows, Audit, User Personas, etc...)


Due to the confidentiality of the projects I can't show the good stuff here, but contact me or subscribe to my newsletter for updates. Check out some personal selections that I could share below.

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I have been speaking my mind on a lot of different topics. It's what I get for being curious! You can find me writing about or contributing to publications that are in the areas of technology, mental health, UX, psychology, theology/divinity and the Metaverse. Check out some of my stuff below and let me know if you ever want to collab!


I have a diverse background that includes an alchemistic journey of the arts, sciences and theology.

I have over 15 years of user experience, business development, design, psychology, and computer science that feeds my passion for emerging technology. I have a love for learning and deeply understand usability principles and best practices applied to interaction and visual design to create design systems to bridge the gap between design and developers.

  • 2013

    2009 - 2013 / CHD Collective- After my years at the Circus, I moved to NYC and the entrepreneurial bug bit me, and I started an agency fueled by wanting to change the way designers found work. CHD helped to redefine business and delivery processes to reduce project delivery times, create amazing design experiences for 30+ clients with a remote team of 10+ amazing humans. I managed and mentored an internal team of designers, developers, and copywriters to work on incoming projects that I sourced through networking and good work.

  • 2016

    2013 - 2016 / Bluewolf- I was hired to establish a UX practice within the company, managing, designing, and recruiting resources to design over 70+ Salesforce native and cloud implementations. Created and standardized a human-centered data-driven methodology that would be used company-wide resulting in increased revenue, project visibility at Dreamforce, and would assist in the company’s acquisition of IBM while exceeding profit expectations.

  • 2019

    2016 - 2019 / Duke University- While pursuing my Masters in Theological Studies/Divinity (taking a “break” from corporate life - ha ha), I consulted with Duke Chapel to create new methodologies and marketing strategies to encourage student and tourist engagement. I incorporated empathy within technology (AI/ML/ NLP) and studied its intersection with media & biotech while improving my research methodologies.

  • 2020

    2020 / Viacom- I collaborated with teams across Slalom worldwide to deliver UX design collateral creating experiences and interfaces using Figma/Sketch/Invision/XD to help solve business solutions for a variety of different clients within project timelines.

  • 2022

    2020 - 2022 / Slalom- I collaborated with teams across Slalom worldwide to deliver UX design collateral creating experiences and interfaces using Figma/Sketch/Invision/XD to help solve business solutions for a variety of different clients within project timelines.

  • 2022

    2010 - Present- Always collaborating or working alongside global brands, agencies, startups supporting UX needs (from auditing to rapid prototyping and beyond). I present insights with actionable UX/CX/UI recommendations synthesized from prior and/or current research.

  • MIRO


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